How To Use Google Earth to Armchair Travel

For those who like travel, especially when they do not have the means or the mobility to do so may greatly enjoy a bit of armchair travel on Google Earth.

This travel enjoyment can be easily reached when there is access to a computer and internet as there is plenty to explore.

For starters, you can be reminded of the house, street, city, town or village you once upon a time used to live with just a few clicks.

Get Yourself Memory Psyched

Now don’t think or say: “That’s not for me, I’m too old for that, I can never learn this!”

You know the saying “Moses is OLD!” or “I have seen Adam”.

You may know the BIBLE STORIES by heart.
The latter may truly be so, I take your word for it!  

Teach Yourself a New Skill

The elderly have learned and taught themselves throughout their lives many new skills since hunting with a “Bow and Arrow” and clothing themselves with the hides of our animal friends of the wild.

As well in our time many elderly, women and men, have learned the skills to use a computer to their advantage, long before retirement.

Also keep in mind there is a saying “You are never too old to learn!”

Get Comfy and Relaxed

While sitting at ease in a comfortable chair or on a sofa keeping company with a grandchild, friend, relative, neighbour or a favorite pet resting at your feet, any elderly person may greatly enjoy frequent uses of their internet computer. The latter is money well-spent as it opens up a whole new world during any and every computer internet visit.

Explore Google Earth

There are endless places to explore on Google with many of them being well document and photographed.

Tour of the World’s Natural Wonders

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of traveling, will have one or more of these on their bucket list.

Explore Natural Wonders

Romantic Spots & Tourist Attractions Linked to Love

With Valentine’s Day now upon us is only fitting that we view the world with love in our eyes.

Explore Places Linked to Love

The Colors of the Earth

Jump from love to a love of color, as you view the earth’s vast arrays of hues, shapes, textures and patterns found in nature.

Explore Nature’s Color Palette

See the Earth At Night

While colors with delight, the night can bright out the best of light and turned darkness into beauty.

Explore the Earth at Night

Trek Through Astonishing Caves

In darkness, there is beauty even without the benefit of light. Take a virtual walk through these underground caverns to find the beauty that hides below the surface.

Explore Famous Caves of the World

Explore Mars-like Terrain on Earth

If you thought the caves looked out of this world, then come visit Devon Island which looks more like Mars than it does to any other place on this planet.

Explore Mars on Earth

National Parks of the United States

These parks are national treasures and they double as art gallery for nature where photographers and nature enthusiasts run free!

Explore All 31 U.S. National Parks

Take a Ride on the Underground Railroad

History is not always written by oppressors and when heroes shines, their legacies live on from generation to generation. Here you can view the path of freedom from slavery.

Explore The Underground Railroad

Unearthing Hidden Treasures

By simply going over the map on Google Earth you unearth some of the world’s hidden treasures. So next time you take an armchair visit, explore the area around to see if you can find your own piece of paradise.

Airplane Boneyard in Tuscon, Arizona

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those planes after are put out of service, you will wonder no more.

Explore the Airplane Boneyard

Potash Ponds in Moab, Utah

What is potash pond you say? Well, click and you see shall what happens it’s viewed from a satellite above.

Explore the Potash Ponds

A Final Word on Exploration

Being an elderly lady myself I will be flattered,if you leave us a comment and/or topic you would enjoy reading about.  As it’s always a pleasure to learn more and enrich ourselves. We may not be rich, however, we elderly can strife to take good care of our grey matter.

It really is very interesting to see how far all elderly in the whole wide world can click themselves into any culture, entertainment, hobby, religion, sports etc.

Try It and You May Like It

Says the canning feline in Dr. SEUSS stories enjoyed by young and old as the elderly love reading to their beloved grandchildren.

NOT TO FORGET it would be a lovely useful gift from SANTA or a BIRTHDAY or ANNIVERSARY gift from the whole family!

Your elderly relative will thank you from the bottom of her/his heart, each time while using it.

Give Your Blessings

When you feel lonely yourself, you only have to think about the elderly loved one sitting behind his/her computer and thanking you in his/her quiet way for the blessings you bestowed upon them.

I also urge everyone, young or old, to Google for more GOOD READS for the elderly as it is very useful for young and old to check out the many websites on the internet about the elderly.

Young or old one can never learn enough about each other!
Just recently I made note of the following website to read up on one of these days:


Stay in touch with us and thank you for reading this article about “The Elderly” written by an Elderly! :0

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