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Hurray It’s Book Day…

Posted by on March 4, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hullo Fans and Friends Young and Old,

A good time to get rid of all things cold. :)

It’s the first Saturday of Lent.

I am peeking into the garden by
Little Lion’s LOOK-OUT.

Nature is still in its winter’s sleep.
The enchantment of winter has vanished.
The garden view makes me wonder
what the month of March shall bring us.
More rain, storms and snow, a wet Easter?


Will we soon enjoy the blooms of the
orange crocusses and new tulip bulbs
I planted last fall?
Or will they have rotted away
in the soaking wet clay?

A bit disenchanted I utter aloud:

“if the squirrels are not trying to
dig up the bulbs or nip the buds,
its the rain haunting me.”

But today the sun is shining, hurray!

Upon hearing the word “squirrels”,
Little Lion dashes to the LOOK-OUT

to take charge of the imminent danger
lurking in the garden,
almost knocking me down and blasting
my ears with his barking.

A noble knight has to defend any
damsel in need!

I am stepping out of the way fans,
Little Lion is on the way. :)
Enjoy the books and the “trailer” fun.
As well, a teaching guide for
teachers and homeschoolers from:

See you next Saturday everyone,
have a fabulous weekend!

Here comes….


Little Lion!

Hullo! Everyone!

Snap… snap… snapping my way
wishing “Mistress Mommy” a good day!


Aye Mates, I did not spot any intruders,
they must have vanished.
I ran so-o-o fast to the LOOK-OUT
when I heard Mommy talk loud, that
I lost my milk bone snack on the way
and almost knocked “Mommy” down.

Without further ado…
I have a few fine book titles
to pass on for young and old.

The “Young Mistress” send us recently
a few links of a Lady writer,
who will be teaching a
self-publishing course
the young mistress will be attending.

The “Young Mistress”  is an artsy-crafty one. :)


“Mommy” read this week 2 kindle books
written by Cindy Crank and Lucinda Davis,
the pen names of the writer-teacher.

One book is titled:

“The Horse Book Volume 1”

A very interesting and historic story
with a lot of black and white photos
true facts and funny, too.

I love ponies!
I have a pony playmate. Do you?


A little secret…
It’s whispered that the “Young Mistress”
would love to own a mini horse.

He-He, imagine the mini horse and Empress Zoe,
the young mistress Labrador canine,


 both running through the house,
with the young mistress 4 felines
hitching a ride on their backs.

Wild, eh!

The “Blog Muse” aka “Mommy” and I
found a fine book,
titled “Banjo of Destiny” by Cary Fagan.

This writer discovered the 9 reasons
why parents are really weird.
I LOVE it!
Especially the “No Pet Reason”.
It`s so-o-o weird!!!

Enjoy, too, the best selling books
by Author W. Bruce Cameron
who is famous on Facebook for his give-away
on “Free Book Friday”.
That should bring a smile to
Mr. Cameron’s fans.


I am disappearing folks,
but before I do, remember…

“Be tender with the young,
compassioned with the aged,
tolerant of the weak,
because someday in your life
you will be all of these.”
~George Washington~

Sincere thanks to the “Young Mistress”
for Empress Zoe Labrador’s snapshot.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and makers
of the trailer.

All other photos by the “Blog Muse” and
the snapping photographer (that’s me he-he-he).

Grrr… Grrr… Grrr…


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
See you next Saturday!


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