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by Joy

":It's Halloween in town", hollered the scariest witch with a worrying frown. "He..he..he..I need to hitch my fastest, fanciest and meanest flying broom to scare the people's wits".

The town folks know they can rely on me to fly fast and low, but..... "how do I avoid the many apple trees", she cried out loud.

Last Halloween, I crashed, tore my costume and my fastest broom got smashed.

"THINK, THINK, THINK"...she muttered to herself while putting her crookiest nose on her face in green schmink.

When the scariest witch was ready to scare the town people's wits, she jumped on her broom and circled three times to scare the man in the moon. Then off she flew as fast as she could while Mr. Wind blew and blew.

The scariest witch on her broom thought she had made a good escape, but when Mr. Wind blew his strongest blow the scariest witch and her fastest, fanciest and meanest broom flew straight into a big ditch.

Town children passing by in fancy and scaring costumes shone their Jack O' lanterns to see the scariest witch lying in the ditch. They offered her a Halloween treat but a witch cannot eat anything sweet.

So off the children went with their sacks full of treats telling everyone about the Halloween fate of the scariest witch and her fastest, fanciest and meanest broom Mr. Wind blew into the town's biggest ditch.

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