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The Honey Plot
by Joy

 Brave Little Bear lives in the Enchanted Woods of a great Canadian Forest, near a huge and very old pine tree, and close to the shore of a beautiful lake that has the most captivating sunset each night.

Many delicious berry bushes grow nearby. "Two of my favourite things to eat: fish and blueberries," Brave Little Bear thought as he gently rubbed his tummy and mumbled, "Mmmmm....Yummy, yummy!"

 Sometimes Brave Little Bear dreamed of finding a beehive full of honey, but Mama Bear had cautioned Brave Little Bear about the consequences of going after honey. "It is very dangerous to take honey from a beehive, with all the busy bees flying in and out and buzzing about to keep intruders away," warned Mama Bear to her Brave Little Bear.

Brave Little Bear was envisioning licking his bear paws full of honey, when he suddenly stumbled on a beehive in an old tree just in front of him! Brave Little Bear could not believe his eyes!! He instantly forgot all about Mama Bear's warnings and set himself down on a tree stump nearby.

 Brave Little Bear put his paws in front of his eyes and started thinking deeply about a Honey Plot. How could he get his paws on the honey without being stung by the busy bees buzzing all about the beehive?

"Hmmm...hmmmm," Brave Little Bear pondered out loud, as the busy bees went "Bzzz, Bzzzz...." All of a sudden, Brave Little Bear stood up and jumped for joy. He clapped has paws and ran around in a little circle, full of joy and very proud of himself. He had thought up a plot to capture the honey without getting stung by the busy bees!

UH OH!! Now what is Brave Little Bear going to do?...

Time Out:

■ What was Brave Little Bear's Honey Plot? Did he get the honey? What did the busy bees do?
■ Do you think Brave Little Bear is a naughty little bear? What is Mama Bear going to say when he comes home?

Tell us your story ending! Dolly and Monkey will choose the best endings to be published here at gypsyjoy.com. Please read Submission Rules to submit your ending.

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