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by Joy

One late night after a heavy rainstorm a flock of very Big Black Flies flew straight into Mrs. Spider's new web.

The Big Black Flies were sooooo heavy and sooooo big. Mrs. Spider's fancy and strong web almost fell apart.

Mrs. Spider glanced at her catch and shook her head. It was indeed the biggest catch she had ever caught in her webs. "I cannot eat them all at once", she thought and mumbled aloud: "Where am I going to store this catch of Big Black Flies"?

Just than a tiny Forest Fairy flew by and overheard Mrs. Spider saying loud: "I will become sick, I feel dizzy looking at these Big Black Flies"!

"Well, Mrs. Spider" said the tiny Forest Fairy thoughtfully "we might be able to move your web with the Big Black Flies in it further down the lake and lay it down on a big rock. Perhaps Mr. Wind will break the web with a forceful blow and set the Big Black Flies free."

Mrs. Spider did not really relish the idea. After all, it was her biggest catch. Many a spider would envy her for it. On the other hand Mrs. Spider knew too well, that she could not eat so many Big Black Flies without becoming very sick.

So Mrs. Spider decided that the tiny Forest Fairy's idea should be given a thought.

Just than, Mrs. Raccoon came by with her two lovely babies. After Mrs. Spider and the tiny Forest Fairy told Mrs. Raccoon about the big catch in Mrs. Spider's web, Mrs. Raccoon's eyes began to twinkle.

"Well" Mrs. Raccoon said with a grin looking at Mrs. Spider and the tiny Forest Fairy, "let's wait till the Man in the Moon arrives. By the light of the silvery moon my babies and I will walk down to the lake to catch fish. You, Mrs. Spider and the Forest Fairy will come with us."

"But, how are we moving the web with the Big Black Flies" asked Mrs. Spider and the tiny Forest Fairy?

"You will see", said Mrs. Raccoon smiling. "When the Man in the Moon shines his silvery light on our forest path, we will"...


This story has no ending now BECAUSE it is waiting for you the reader, storyteller or listening boy or girl to finish Mrs. Spider's Catch and to tell what Mrs. Racoon, Mrs. Spider and the tiny Forest Fairy will do when the Man in the Moon arrives...

E-MAIL us the end of the story and the best ending will be chosen to be officially published here on the website with your name and age (if you wish) and whether you are the reader, storyteller or listener of Mrs. Spider's Catch

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