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All About Happy Memories…

Posted by on March 26, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hello Everyone!

“This is going to be a fun day!
I had left some Milk-Bone crumps on the mat”
and was enjoying them when “Mommy” passed by.
She liked the “clean-up” and we saluted
each other with a “High Five.”
As you may or may not know a
“High Five” is a hand gesture.
Learn more about it on:

In our case it was a hand-paw gesture.
LOL! We both felt right away in a giddy mood.
I ran circles through the living room, hallway,
kitchen and dining room and “Mommy”
aka “the Blog Muse and Gypsy Joy”
had to laugh so-o-o much,
she had to sit down.

Next she stood up grabbed my musical puppy
and started to sing and play a tune.
When she does that, it makes my feet
spin more and more,

and I do a little dance,
and stand up high to rescue my puppy.
‘Cause I want to play with my musical toys.
They are “mine-mine-mine!”
“Mommy” rewarded me with a Milk-Bone
because I care so-o-o much for my toy pals.

Thereafter we needed to rest for a while.
We started looking in picture albums
and compared photo’s taken in the past.
I loved a mirror photo of “Mommy”
taken several years ago when she and
her sister visited Disneyland in Florida.

Although “Mommy” looked for quite a while
she could not find the photo.
“Mommy” has too many photo albums.
Perhaps we can show the photo next time.

However, we found a cute mirror picture
of “Mommy’s” sister.

A pity she lost her Eiffel Tower souvenir
one time on her travels through Canada.
Mommy’s sis Greet aka Greta is very artistic,
she paints, creates sculptures, is into stained glass,
garden poles, embroidery card-making, and more.
This stained glass art mermaid is my favorite.

My “Auntie” does not have a furry doggy,
but she has a feline. I’m not so fond
of cats but the “Young Mistress” is

and so is my Dutch “Auntie.”
She lives in Tulip Land aka The Netherlands
Her furry pet “Droppie” the Cat.
likes to hunt mice and take them home
to show her catch to “Auntie”.
“Auntie” has to catch the mice and
put them out in the garden again.
Catching a mouse is a lot of work.
Mice run pretty quick.
Naughty Droppie!

But, I like to chase mice, too. Its fun!

I hope “Auntie” will come over one day
so I can play with her, too.
“Mommy” told me that she loves Chinese food
and to visit “The Mandarin” in our city.
I can see that!
Look at her big smile after leaving
the fancy Chinese Eatery.


Did you know on March 23rd it was
National Puppy Day?
“Mommy” and I looked at the puppies
on the video published on this website:

It was fun!

we like people and good natured puppies.

Oh, guys here comes “Mommy” now!

I wonder what she has up her sleeve for you.
I’m going to visit the Lad Upstairs.
See you later!

Hi everyone… up the stairs runs our
“happy-go-lucky” little rascal!
The “Lad Upstairs” will be happy to see him.

The phrase “Happy-go-lucky” reminds me
of a website that claims “Luck is a Skill.”

I believe we can all learn a new skill
and if “Luck is a Skill” why not study it.
Who does not wish to be lucky and win the lottery?

 I see Little Lion has told you all
there is to be told for today! 🙂

So this is all for this weekend folks.
It’s time for a walk in windy Spring
before the sun disappears again.

Yes, Spring time in Canada has
arrived, although the temperatures are
chilly with a chance of snow but Fools Day
and Easter are on their way.
Although April has a tendency
to be ruly and do its own thing
after winter always comes Spring!

Once Spring has arrived the season gets
brighter and buds begin sprouting on
shrubs, trees and the most beautiful
Spring bulbs, like Daffodils and Tulips,
soon shall showcase their pretty blooms.

The “Lad Upstairs” quoted this morning:

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”
~Author Unknown~


“If a man devotes himself to art,
much evil is avoided that happens
otherwise if one is idle.”
~Albrecht Dürer, 1471-1528~

Woof-Woof, the lad is fond of art and


As well as quotations.
And so are “Mommy” and I.
I have my own funny quotation list!

Here is one of my funny quotes:

“Doggies voice,
where we go to the Loo
Shall be our choice!”
 *Little Lion*

That’s all for now guys! Woof-Woof!
Up and down the stairs I go!

See you all again at Easter time!

With thanks to the makers we trust you
will enjoy a prance through
Ottawa’s Tulip Land 2017.


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