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Canadian Christmas Markets…

Posted by on December 25, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Its the Christmas Market Merry Season…

As the Christmas Market history tells us,
Christkindl and other Christmas Markets
were held in Europe many ages ago.
In Germany, as early as the 14th century.

We own this lovely tradition during the
November-December season to the Farmers.

Today not only do we find farmer stalls
at a Christmas Market all over the world,
many other vendors are selling their wares
at a Christmas Market as well as on
dedicated Market days year round.

Sometimes a Christmas Market show is held in our homes.

That’s the time our little four legged rascal has the fun of his life!

When I was a young child,
Farmers in The Netherlands aka Holland,
would arrive twice weekly from the villages
near our City Square and mingle with
the local merchants who were at the Market
also selling their wares.
Market days were always pretty busy
and filled with eager housewives looking
and buying all they needed for cooking,
sewing and not to forget bundles of beautiful
flowers and potted plants to enhance the
beauty of their gardens and homes.

Many farmers would come to the homes,
just as the baker, butcher, small grocery owners
and the dairy farmers in years past.
The only ones who did not deliver at
the homes were the fishermen.
To buy their fish you had to go to the market
or a Fish store.
A few ice  cream vendors would come regularly
along the houses during the seasons.

So, too, a street organ and owner with
his little monkey, as well gypsies who
traveled through the land with their
colorful ponies, and awesome gypsy wagons.
Many a child dreamed how lovely it was
for the gypsy children to be able to travel
from place to place and send postcards to friends.

When visiting a Christmas Market with
all the beautiful Christmas ornaments,
handmade paper flowers and other Christmas
decorations my mind always strays and
I see visions,  not of sugar plums,
but of beautiful handmade flowers
trinkets the gypsies showed us when
they knocked or rung our door bell.

We have never been in Banff but looking at
the Banff Christmas Market picture it
brought back for me the Gypsy nostalgia.

Banff may not have any gypsy ponies
but it’s there where the Bison roams.

In KITCHENER, Ontario one can since 1998
enjoy a German Christkindl Market

In NOVA SCOTIA we enjoy the
Alderney Landing Christmas Market



There are definitely many more Canadian
Christmas Markets to enjoy but I leave
it to your armchair travel to discover.

Our armchair little furry rascal is settling
down in a burgundy armchair,
where he is very busy
taking the cushion down so he can take
a cozy and well deserved nap.

A pity!
My digital camera has stopped working.

Dear Fans, Friends and Family, we bade you good bye!

Enjoy the  Vienna video below.

As it is said in history,

 Christmas Markets started in 1400 in Germany.

Photo courtesy of my youngest lovely Sis,

Greet (Greta) The Netherlands, who recently

enjoyed Dusseldorf’s Christmas Markets.

Little Lion says: GRRR that’s a swell picture!

Thank you Auntie Greet! Woof – Woof!

It was great fun viewing Vienna for Mistress Mommy and I.

Till next time… take care everyone and enjoy Christmas!

Vienna Christmas Markets


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