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Christmas Mysteries…

Posted by on December 9, 2016

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends!

Welcome to the snow and frost season…


The snowflakes are back and “yes” fans,
my human family and my playmates and I,
Believe in Christmas mysteries
and Santa and his flying reindeer.


 The other day at the Pet Groomer Salon
at PetSmart in my city, I noticed
the groomers believe in Christmas
and Santa, too.

Groomer Tyler presented me with
a few great Christmas gifts.

I did not meet Santa and his reindeer
but I did get some fine gifts!

A candy cane tag to hang from my collar
and a red bandana with the words:

“I am loved”.

And I was told:
“I was a good boy!”


Mistress “Mommy” purchased
a b i g Christmas squeezy dog.

The minute she put the bag down in the
hallway, after we arrived home, I snatched
the big guy and ran to the Lad Upstairs
to show him the new Christmas treasure.

Next time I hope to post the pictures
so you can see my new treasures.


That’s all for today!
I hope you like the awesome
Santa video below.
Have a fun weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Out and over to the Blog Muse,
Mistress “Mommy.


Christmas Season Fun
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends Young and Old…

I have a few interesting links to pass on.

Perhaps you have heard already that
Britain’s beloved Duchess Kate,
loves colouring the Secret Garden
in the adult colouring books.

It can become your favorite hobby, too. 🙂

We are fond of watching the
Murdoch Mysteries.

I am happy to pass on this link:

Enjoy this holiday special if you are
able to watch it at your place.


As well as the Santa basket and
the little Forest Xmas Tree,
I designed and crafted a few years ago.


 Until next time keep well!
See you next Saturday!

With thanks to the designers for the free animations.

Photos as always by  “yours truly”.

With thanks to the makers, enjoy,
Little Lion’s merry choice!

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