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Counting Days and Rhyming Fun…

Posted by on December 2, 2016

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends!

First, a “Heartfelt Thank You!” to Marian
in The Netherlands for her nice e-mail.
She made me and the garden bambino prance!
Our Bambino is happy to be inside were
it is cozy and warm.
On Christmas Eve Bambino will be at the
LOOK-OUT to spot Santa and his reindeer.


Today, Giraffe is on duty at the LOOK-OUT.
No trespassers! Only a couple of low
flying airplanes.

Earlier Giraffe thought he spotted a
Pompadour Cotinga
in one of the pear trees.

Guess what???  Sofar no snow.
Just rain, mist, sun, cold and windy
weather and a few wet snowflakes.
Nothing to brag about.

This week I discovered the following.
The most Christmassy place in Ontario
was counting “Willie” days. However,
in the meantime they are in tune with
the rest of Santa’s fans in Canada.

Who is Willie ???

Just the most famous
Albino Groundhog
and Spring Weather Forecaster who
resides in Wiarton, which is located in
The South Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.


When we think about Santa we also 
think about c o o k i e s!

This reminded us about a cookie poem
titled “The Cookie Thief”.
It’s hilarious!

Here is a quick rhyme I made up:

Hang up your stocking
It makes Santa rocking
Do a trick or two
See Santa’s toys fly to you.
*Little Lion*

It’s a Christmassy mess around me.
It keeps me busy sniffing all the things
and wondering how to protect them.
I am glad I have many helpers.
The other day the lad surprised me with
another playmate.
It seems the lad can read one’s mind. 🙂
I needed more helpers to get me through
the festive month and into 2017.


For more fun and a decoration update
tune in again next Saturday!

Enjoy your days friends!


Christmas Season Fun
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends Young and Old…

Christmas Day in the company of children
is one of the few occasions on which
men become entirely alive.
~Robert Lynd~

I’m a busy buzzing late autumn bee
trying to sort out the Christmas stuff
to deck the hallway, the rooms and the
Christmas Tree.


Each year I create something new to add
to my Christmas homespun collection.
With additional Christmas gifts from
family and friends
I could start a mini Christmas boutique!

So many memorable memories to sift 
through while listening and looking at
the Bell Media Fireplace channel,
it may take up the weekend or longer.


I guess I am giving “the men in my life”
a headache.
But I think, they will get into the
Christmas spirit as soon as I am done.

Poetry fans I found a nice link recently.
One of England’s best I have read lately.

As well an update about Santa & his Elves
and their busy work at the North Pole.

Time for a break, a Tippy-Toss ball game
and a walk with Little Lion. 🙂

See you next week fans!
Thanks for stepping by each Saturday.

Most animations courtesy:


The above site seems to have been
closed down sometime this week.
I will keep on checking up on it!

All other photos as always by
“yours truly”.

Have a great weekend!

With thanks to the video makers enjoy,

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