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Dazzle Of A Spring Time Freeze…

Posted by on April 28, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hello Everyone!

Sorry we could not publish this story last weekend.


We found a “gypsyjoy” link which may
give you the idea that we are
w e a l t h y.

Unfortunately it’s not Little Lion and I.

As always all stories are free.
We are not making a penny on anything
we pen on the blog or the website.

Since we are not born under a lucky star
we doubt if we will ever be called wealthy.

On the other hand we may be able to
call ourselves “Word Wealthy”
Little Lion and I have been writing
many blog posts alone and together. LOL!

We hope Spring is just hiding around the corner.

We really want to enjoy the early tulips in hiding!

Little Lion has been on guard most of the night
and has decided to sleep for the rest of the day.

OR till the moment he can go for a walk…

So today I may chat with you as much
and as long as I wish.

First here is a beautiful paper doll link:

And for boys and girls news about a groundhog!

You may, or may not have heard about
Canada’s famous Albine groundhog
Wiarton Willy.
He did not come out of his hideaway on groundhog day.

Groundhogs are aka as woodchucks.

Meet and read more about on:

That’s why we have been wrestling with blustery weather.

Freezing icy/snowy weather was on the agenda.
Hydro outings and uncountable road accidents
in and around the cold GTA followed.
(GTA means: Greater Toronto Area)

That weekend we heard the loud pitter-patter
of freezy snowflakes relentlessly knocking
on our doors, walls and windows.
In our area most people stayed inside
as it was very icy and slippery around
the house, steps and on the driveways,
sidewalks and the road.
You needed a better view of what was going on
outside before you dared stepping out
into the blustery weather.

The outdoor lights combined with the tall lantern
street lights, transformed the winter scene into a sight
to behold.  Alas not to be walked on the sidewalk with
a pulling and inquisitive Shi Poo,
who loves darting through puddles and snow.

The “Noble Lad Upstairs”
took the walks upon him as he has done during the past
winter months and other unpleasant days.

The tiny frozen snowflakes embracing and knocking
on the windows flickered like tiny diamonds bringing
to mind a splendid Dickens winter scene.

For a moment,

it made us forget the hydro outings in other
locations in our city and the high toll of the accidents
on the roads.  Happily most of the accidents reported seem to
have been minor, but kept the police, taxi drivers and
car towing companies very busy.

It did remind us about the winter damage in 2013/2014
when everywhere the tree limbs kept falling down. It was dark
inside and outside. Candlelight lost soon its attraction.
Our area was a bit better off than other parts of  the city.
Later we found out that our roof had taken a harsh beating.

So far we have been lucky this time.
We don’t have extensive tree or shrub damage.
It’s hoped, we have no roof damage.

Thus, it’s time for us to celebrate, sing and dance
with a Dutch college in Voorburg, The Netherlands. 🙂

Little Lion likes to prance, too, and being
musically inclined the little Mozart
is ready anytime to welcome guests and
entertain us with his squeeze toy.

He is wide awake now and
I wish, I could let you hear his musical
talent and antics. He is so-o-o funny.
Little Lion reminds me of a person playing
a tune on a mouth harmonica.

Here he comes for a moment to greet you
with an affectionate GRR… and “how are you, today?”

He is ready to go for a walk as soon
as he has filled his little tummy!

So long! See you next time!

With thanks to the Makers, enjoy:



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