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Festive December Days…

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Dec. 4th is a special day for our family.
It’s the first of 4 of the 7 celebrations
in the month of December, which includes
1. the birthday of the Head of the Family on Dec. 4th.

2. St. Nicholas Eve celebrated by the Dutch
for adults on the eve of Dec.5th.
3. St. Nicholas Feast for the kids on Dec. 6th.

To clarify the black face of the Saint’s Knight Pete:

Pete goes down the chimney to deliver the presents.

As every chimney sweeper knows that’s what happens next!

To get to know the story of St. Nicholas
as well as recipes
for the Holiday Season go to:

or check our older stories.

4. Christmas Eve on Dec. 24th.
5. Christmas, the birthday of Jesus
the Child Christ who was born in a stable
in Nazareth on Dec. 25th.
6. Boxing Day Dec. 26th.
7. New Year’s Eve Dec. 31st.

 We can’t be any happier as 7 is
said to be a lucky number
as God created the world in 7 days!

With our Little Lion aka “Bright Eyes”
we say to you all today
Happy December Days are on The Way!

In celebration of a Polish birthday
we invite you to a bit of armchair travel.

Voila! Enjoy with us Krakow, Poland. 🙂

Should you have a birthday on Dec. 4th
or celebrate St. Nicholas in your family
on December 5th and or Dec. 6th
send us
an email at fairytalejoy @
and tell us what happened on your special day.

We are always glad to hear from you.

It’s getting dark here.
The Christmas lights are twinkling in the
snowflakes falling softly on the wet ground
caused by the rainfall earlier today.
In the far distance we hear
Santa’s jolly Ho-Ho-Ho!

Have a fun time.

Enjoy, the bubbly Lady Eileen who visited Vienna.

We enjoyed the Christmas Market she visited and you will, too.





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