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Fun Stuff…

Posted by on November 26, 2016

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends!

Last weekend many Santa Parades
were being held in Canada
throughout Ontario and other provinces.

Earlier today I was dreaming of snow
and building a snowman.

No luck!

When I woke up the autumn leaves were
still blowing around and the road was wet.

So Mommy gave me this snow picture to
get in a “snowy” mood.


 It’s almost December and throughout
the world many nations are getting ready
for the Christmas Season.

Bear with me for a moment friends,
Smurf is on duty at the LOOK-OUT.
He is gesturing that he needs my attention.


Back again! All is fine, just a few
of my buddies out in their backyard
are having a woof…woof conversation.

Earlier today I tried to warn a sneaky
feline not to cross through our backyard.
They always want to shorten their walk.

Who got in trouble?

Not the sneaky pussycat!

“Mistress-Mommy” scolded me for not
being “feline tolerant.”
She showed me
“Louis Wain’s Cat Gallery”
and said “felines can be great fun.”

“Great fun!!!”

I barked and showed her the above picture.

Guess what?
Mommy grinned and said:
“Yea, look at this!”

Anyhow, to get back to the Santa Parades,
we found a “golden oldie” that we think
you may like to watch, too.
More about that after the “blog muse”
has had a chance to pass on a bit of
Christmas fun.


Ah, here she comes rolling my ball.
Mommy and I love playing a ball game.
This morning we came up with a name
for our “no name” game:

Guys and Gals I have to run and win
a quick “Tippy-Toss” game. Woof!

So long!  See you next Saturday.


Don’t forget to email me!

Here comes 🙂

Christmas Season Fun
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends Young and Old…

Guess who won the “Tippy-Toss” game again!

The rascal is too speedy for me!
However, sometimes he defaults and keeps
the ball and that’s when I can win a
point or two.  🙂

Winter comes on December 21st.
it feels like the Queen of Winter
arrived early in many parts of the land
among sunny, rainy & stormy autumn days.


Being in a nostalgic mood, I wrote a poem.

Autumn Joy…

It’s late Autumn in my Kitchen
Soon it will be Christmas again
We will hear children’s voices singing
Many beautiful angelic melodies.

My memories linger in and outside
This late Autumn Kitchen window
Cheerfully reminding me
Of happy days gone by.


No one can ever steal the finest memory
Each one is safely tucked away
In a loving vault without a key
To enjoy each and every day.

My sweet memories are many
They linger as the loveliest creations
And bring delight to my merry Kitchen
Like Mother Nature’s late Autumn scenery.
*Gypsy Joy*

Everywhere you go,
you take the weather with you.”
~Andres Pang~

Thinking about  “sweet”  memories


A “Gingerbread House Recipe”

comes to mind from a Belgian-American firm.

If you are giving it a try, why not
send a picture
about your family’s gingerbread house,

to the above company and to:

Little Lion and I will be delighted

and so will Mrs. Santa!


That’s all for today!
Tune in for more fun next Saturday!

Most animations courtesy:

All other photos as always by
“yours truly”.

Have a great weekend!

With thanks to the video makers enjoy,
a “Golden Oldie” without sound, from
Eaton’s Santa Parade during WWII by:

The University of Manitoba, Canada.

A great conversation piece for all ages!

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