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Fun Things Come in Three…

Posted by on October 15, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Dolly Parton knows dreams can come true.
But only if you hold on to them.

So, too a wish to travel, teach homeschooling and…
finding your stolen Gypsy Waggon.

 Welcome Fans, Family and
Friends New and Old,

Little Lion says:
This is my dreamy kind of fun.
Traveling to and fro all over the Globe
in a Gypsy Waggon.

First an imagination library link
by the famous songstress Dolly Parton:

AND… a Bug Book.

“Grab your Bucket and Search.”

A fun story to read.

Little Lion bets that
The “Young Mistress”
would fall in love with:

I think he may be right about that.

Travel Fun!

“The In-Thing to do” as per the Lad Upstairs,
that’s if you can get your parents to travel
and home-school you and your siblings.

For parents with school-age children
who love to travel for a long period
homeschooling may be THE answer. 

Check homeschooling in Ontario

And don’t forget to check the kindle
e-Handbook of Nature Study by
Anna Botsford Comstock (Amazon)

It may give you and your child
an idea to write and publish
an e-storybook or an e-travel journal.

Would not that be fabulous?
It may attract a publishing company.

Such as this children’s book:

by Holling C. Holling.

You never will know unless you try it!

Dream a bit and


with your child inside this book.

Last but not least…

something “Mistress Mommy”
aka The Blog Muse and Little Lion
 often dream about…

Enjoy the beauty and art!

With these dreamy gypsy waggons we end
our adventure search fun from our armchair
and Little lion’s Lookout!

All is silent there for a change.

Don’t forget,

Halloween fun is coming soon!

With heartfelt thanks to everyone for
the links and animations, which bring
magic and joy to the written word and
enrich our knowledge and increase our laughs,
keeping us joyful and young at heart.

Photos as usual by
“the Blog Muse” aka “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me.

 G o o d b y e!

Until next time, usually on a Saturday,
enjoy a very talented beautiful young lady
and her exquisite ventriloquist puppets.

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