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FurEver Friends…

Posted by on February 25, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hello Everyone!

Feeling a bit empty now the
World Winter games are finished?

You are not alone, but all good things
have a good ending and more good tidings
are on the way. Soon it will be Spring!

Most of us may never be lucky
to win a Money Lottery,
to cruise and travel around
the world
lugging a suitcase and camera to film
the culture and beauty of the
faraway world outside our own door.

Having said this, since we live in an
inspiring age where many things are
a possibility
due to the technology we live in,
young and old may feel privileged knowing
they are connected with their kinfolks,
friends and the whole wide world.

This, too, like everything else has
its drawbacks, as we all know.
At times we are unable to take our minds off
from the gruelling stories we hear and see
on TV, or read about in the newspapers.
During these moments we are so very
pleased we have little ones around us
or pets who need our attention to keep us
focussed on the positive things in life.

On such days we try to focus on:

“Low Stress Recipes”
Which are Not Recipes
So No One Can Feel Stressed Out.
*Gypsy Joy*

Since Little Lion has taken a liking to
rain puddles all around us he knows
how to keep our minds focussed on him.

Here comes the Little Rascal to chat with you.


Hi There Folks and Furever Paw Friends…

Keep in mind:
“It is worms which destroy a tree,
it is worry which destroys a man.”
~Turkish Proverb~

You want to eliminate “worry” for your humans.
If you don’t, you may be out on the street
in every season of the year and you
cannot view the winter magic
from your Look-Out in a heated room.

So, please pass this on
to all your PAW Friends!

The Best FOUR Stress Relievers
For Your Humans and Furry Friends.

1. Always greet your humans with your
favorite toy in your mouth.
They will laugh out loud
and when they laugh they cannot shout.
Even though you may have shaken the
feathers or foam out of their best pillow,
because you did not want to be left alone.

2. Run to get your best squeeze toy.
Play a sweet melody that will give them joy.
Run around the room, stroke their legs
and swing or prance, do a little dance.
Just give them your love and all their
worries will be chased away!

3. After they have given you a treat
’cause you are so-o-o sweet,
and they are relaxing with a cup of tea,
your humans will feel cozy
and it’s neat to rest at their feet.

4. Do a Food-Hunting test.
See if your humans, too,  belong to the world’s best
Food Hunters in the North, South, East and West.
I will give you a hint:
“Check the weekly shopping,
they bring to their nest.
That will be your Human-Hunting test.”

Take it from me “be kind” and
keep # 1-4 foremost in your mind.
If you don’t, do not bawl when
your humans are stressed as you know the rest.
“You may be left to fend for yourself,
and to seek help from a forest- elf!”

 Back to Mistress Mommy, see you later!
the Lad and the puddles are calling me!

“Okay, Little Lion, away and splash a bit!”

Hi again!

Not much fun going on outside or inside,
now the Winter Olympics are finished.

However, here is a beautiful slide for you from Yahoo! 🙂

 Since the snow flakes seem to have disappeared
and rainy, frosty and milder days
have taken their place and flooded
parts of our city
and surrounding areas, bringing with it
sorrow and destruction to some families
and neighbourhoods,
winter magic has disappeared, too.
Out of town snow can still
be found in the forests where one by one
animals are waking up.

Aha! Little Lion has returned!

“Puddle-wet again little guy?”

 “Yeah Mommy, it’s fun to splash!”

Hi Guys! I’m back again!

Anyone who likes to see snow flakes
on a computer screen enjoy this snowy site:

Have I ever told you before that Mommy
is fond of the Murdock mysteries?
And all the adventures in
“Toronto, the Good”
as Inspector Brackenreid calls Toronto.
Not to forget Constable George Crabtree
who seems to be the most adventurous
of the crew and always makes her laugh.
Detective Murdoch reminds her of her Dad
and Dr. Julia Ogden a bit about her Mum,
’cause Julia is elegant and fun.

All the other actors are remarkable and fun, too.
Find out for yourself when you surf to:

Better, watch the TV show or read the book!

Behind every good book, a TV show
a movie or poem, there is a great writer:

He-He-He, I overhear Mistress Mommy saying:
“Is not he a little sweetheart?”
Meaning: her Little Rascal Woofie Me!

Her best friends,
like to tickle me under my chin!
I love blowing bubbles at them. 🙂

Most of all,
I am fond of the “Young Mistress” and her Zoo,
who brought me to Mommy a few years ago. 
The “Lad Upstairs” , aka the “Food-Hunter” who walks me
on the Flexie leash, so I can run every which way, and
the “Blog Muse aka Gypsy Joy and Mistress Mommy”,
who walks me on a shorter leather leash
with a splendid bow-tie.
A present from the “Young Mistress”.

Sorry, guys I have to disappear! It’s dinner time again
and I love my food and bone treat,
thus this is all for today.
Have fun till we meet again!

Like this Elf I am thinking of  all of you  and blowing bubbles to you!

With thanks to the makers, enjoy a lovely tiny snowy white therapy dog!

Is not he dandy looking, kind and smart, too?


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