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Have a Lucky St. Paddy’s Day 2018!

Posted by on March 17, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hi Friends, young and old and in-between!
Just for St. Paddy’s Day,
“Mistress Mommy” and I are in disguise.
As pictured here above I’m a Panda Teddy.
“Mommy” is stitching me a fancy green bow,
so I can grab a Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold!

 This weekend our eyes are on
the weather forecast,
urging to keep an eye on Canada’s
Aurora Sky.
As well as on the St. Patrick’s Day Parades.
A good idea as it’s still freezing cold
and snowy at times.
Often, too cold, for venturing outside.
Also, a bird is annoying me by waking me up
every morning at 6:00 AM.
I want him to find another home.
No luck!
The critter seems to be protected by
“Mommy” and an Angel. Grrr…

“Mommy” tried very hard this morning
to get me to like the cardinal
by telling me this lengthy story:

“For uncountable years our garden has
attracted wildlife. Even an owl visited once.
I was looking out of the master bedroom
and there he sat, perched on our pear tree
looking at me straight in the eye.”

“I was just as captivated by the owl’s visit,
as we were in early November once,
when a flock of Canada Geese decided
to take a rest and landed in our street.
Geese fly often pretty low over our house.
These days, they honk to greet us.
A pity, none sweep down for a short rest.”

I thought about telling “Mommy”, that I
would have loved to chase them all,
but I did not. “Mommy” would not have liked
me telling her this. So I licked her
hand instead and went to the kitchen
to eat my breakfast.

Here comes “Mommy” to entertain you!

Bye for now. I’m going to visit the
“Lad Upstairs,”  I like to go for a walk. 🙂

That’s a neat costume, Mommy!”

“Thank you, Little Lion!”

Hi Everyone!

What’s up, I hear you thinking!

Tomorrow, Saturday,

it’s St. Paddy’s Day aka Leprechaun Day.
Parades will be held in many countries.
Some children will make a leprechaun trap
to catch the mischievous elf if they can.
So they may get three wishes from the elf
and perhaps his pot of gold as well.


Have you ever made a leprechaun trap?
If not try it, it’s fun!

The leprechaun may get away but your child
could “trap” a small bag filled with
chocolate “gold” coins, to share with
other kiddies on St. Paddy’s Day.
It will bring a great big smile.
Happy memories last a lifetime!

How to make the leprechaun trap? Visit:

Chocolate coins may be purchased in many stores
everywhere as well as in “Dollar Stores” in Canada.

To get an idea, view special chocolate coins
for an occasion on:

If you like serving an Irish bread give
a genuine Irish Barmbrack bread a try.
It will highlight the fun on St. Patrick’s Day.
Serve each slice with a chocolate “gold” coin
tucked in the middle.
If you are lucky and have an authentic
Canadian Loonie or Toonie 
use the Canadian coin instead.

Serve buttered Barmbrack bread for breakfast
and/or in the afternoon with a cup of
sweetened green tea or
add a bit of green food colour to a glass
of cold or hot lemon or lime juice.

Never heard about a Barmbrack bread, check:

For more fun for your child add a brief note,
how you were so lucky to grab the Loonie,
or Toonie or a chocolate coin
from the pot of gold from an Irish Leprechaun.

Your reputation may get a bit smudged
as the kids may refer to you as
“my pirate Mom or Dad”
when they tell their friends you 
“stole” the Leprechaun’s gold.
You are their hero on St. Paddy’s Day!

Be prepared that you may have to follow up
your leprechaun adventure with a great story.
How, when and where you captured the
golden coins from the leprechaun.
Lots of fun for the little ones to relay
your leprechaun tale to their friends.
Their smiles will be as brilliant as
the view of an Irish rainbow.

Should your child meet or catch a leprechaun,
tell us about his/her adventure by sending
an e-mail to Little Lion and Gypsy Joy at:

“I’m back Mommy!
The “Lad Upstairs” is stuck on the telephone.”

Guys and Gals, I heard Mommy’s request.
Don’t skunk me,

’cause the green faery will get ya!

On behalf of us all:
“May the “Luck of the Irish be with you!”

With thanks to the makers,
enjoy the green entertainment
Little Lion has put his paw on.

Have fun and stay safe on St. Paddy’s Day.

Bye-bye, see you next time!
The “Green Lad” is pretty funny.

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