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Hot Summer Days……

Posted by on July 1, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Greetings Family, Fans and Friends!

How are you?

Swing by when you have time
and join the fun!

We have been a bit occupied by all things
other than writing about Little Lion’s
adventures during late Spring.
In the meantime Summer has come along
keeping us occupied with gardening
during hot and not so hot days.

It’s a pleasure to pass on today,

a Dutch Cathedral link, where
everyone is invited to lit a free candle.

Frankly, we have not encountered many
adventurous occasions lately, others as a sneaky,
feline who sees the need to follow
us on some of our daily walks.

The sidewalks seem eerily empty.

Although the other day a Grandma carrying
her happy baby grandson walked up with us,
till they met a neighbour and we continued
our midday walk.

The happy baby made Little Lion prancing.

On a couple of occasions owners of a
big dog were restraining their dogs
as their dogs seemed to be in an off mood.

I’m always surprised that big dogs often
are hostile to little well-mannered dogs,
who don’t pay attention to them and
so are not the enemy or trouble seekers.

Little Lion is taught to ignore the barking
of other dogs when we walk and to heel when being told.
He is a most friendly Shih Poo and seems
pretty relaxed and enjoying his walks.

At home he is in a relaxed mood as well
as always being on alert.
He will let you know when someone is nearby.
He does not have to see them.
He hears every movement that’s going
on outside around the house, and pinpoints
the exact location and moves along with it.
So you know the right location.
He may give a soft or a bit louder warning
depending if there is also a noise.

E.g. the neighbour pulls a garbage can
from the driveway and leaves it standing
somewhere at the side of the house.


There may be a cat who sneaks daily
in and out of our backyard garden in the
early morning and evening,
teasing Little Lion while he is at his
look-out observing the area around him.

Little Lion is a pretty busy dog who
also has to cope daily with the trespassing
of visiting birds and squirrels,
plus raccoons and skunks.

This one looks really cute, but watch out
when she is in a spraying mood!

On the other hand, this sweet determined

little feline has not given us any trouble.
He or she one day kept lying on the road
and made our hearts skip a beat when we
heard a car approaching fast.
It happened when I was taking a digital
picture of the kitten through the window.
To our delight the kitten made the jump
to the neighbours hedge just in time.

As soon as darkness falls our little rascal
gets a bit anxious when the sun has set.

He sits by the patio doors to observe
the backyard behind closed drapes.
Barks, and climbs the patio windows to show
how annoyed he is about any invasion.

The birds may have gone to sleep early
and the squirrels may have disappeared
but… peace has not entered yet!


Neighbours leave their cats out at night
and the felines think definitely that
they own the world and refuge to oblige.

Teasing dogs is what they love to do!
Messing with the tranquility of the evening
is their joke of having fun.

Little Lion we are proud of your dedication
at the LOOK-OUT.

But little guy…
here comes the Lad, its playtime!

Who is the winner… the one with the bone!

If you are in Canada enjoy the long weekend
on July 1st


if you live in the USA enjoy the 4th of July!

Also we wish a very Happy Birthday to:
Uncle Bert and Family in The Netherlands
on his birthday July 3rd.

Mommy`s Mamma`s birthday in Heaven July 6th

and all cousins and nephews birthdays in July.

As well two little darling sisters
in Ontario who celebrate their birthday
on Canada Day and the American Holiday.

How lucky can you be!

Last but not least,
we trust that cousin Anja and Uncle Wil
had a grand birthday in June.

See you in Tipperary, galls and guys!
Cause Tippy Tipperony is my name!


The Blog Muse aka as “Mistress Mommy”
and I like the Tipperary song because
it`s sung by Susie Q
and we are as fond of the Young Mistress
Suzy Q and Zoe her Labrador
as the Lad Upstairs who keeps us entertained
about travel and other happy things.
He can also be very serious at times,
because he is very concerned about us.
Our well-being is always on his and the
Young Mistress minds.

He-He-He, we don’t mind.
It’s nice to know they care very much
for “Mommy” and I. We care very much
for them, too, and for all our fans,
family & friends in the whole wide world!

Have fun.
See you sometime in July!
For now woof-woof enjoy a spoof!






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