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How Lucky Can You Be…

Posted by on January 6, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hello Fans New and Old! 🙂

Greetings from my wintry New Year LOOK-OUT.

I am a lucky dog and I hope all of you
will be very lucky, too.

Why am I feeling so lucky?

Because Mistress-Mommy took new photos
of me and my playmates and
the Lad Upstairs put them in an album.

The above picture shows you my “best” pal.
Puppy and I are longtime friends.
We do many things together.

Here is a photo taken at my LOOK-OUT
with Big dog Chance and Bambino,
my Red Nose Reindeer pal,
and my soccer ball playmate “Warrior”.
Warrior is fond of playing “tug of War”.
He is strong and a lot of fun!


 The other day it seemed to be mild outside.
Rain had melted most of the snow and ice
on the sidewalks, but it was extremely
windy and cold during our walk.

“Mistress Mommy” and I kept sneezing
throughout the day and the next day.
Even mild temperatures in the winter
keep you on cold toes, a nosy drip
and watery eyes.

Apart from noisy cars on the road and
a sad bark from a cold dog in his backyard,
we did not meet anyone on our walks.
Frosty the Snowman must feel lonely
as he runs through Winter Wonderland.


I had a great time inspecting the tracks
in the snow of the grassy boulevards.
On one of the boulevards we discovered
several square openings in the snow pile.
I wanted to investigate them but Mommy
kept pulling me away.

Tell me about your best play-pals and
e-mail me a photo but don’t skunk me!


See you later while I go sniffing for
potholes, I like to get an

“Are you like Sherlock Holmes”

mosaic pothole in my city,
close to my home.


Here comes…
the Lad to take me on a
“sniff-sniff” walk
and my photographer,
Mistress Mommy, the Blog Muse! 🙂

Christmas Season Fun
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends!

Hope you all had a terrific Christmas,
New Year and Epiphany Day
and that Santa has been good to you.

Did you know that some Christian families
bless their homes on Epiphany Day,
or on the Sunday after January 6th?

You can read more about this custom on:


Especially during unrest in the world, it’s
 good to remember that many pray for peace
 for themselves, family, friends, neighbours
and others living in war troubled countries.

Canada is a “young and also old country”.
The Aboriginals were the
“First People” who arrived here.

Its “peace”, not war,
Aboriginals, Canadians and Newcomers,
wish for themselves and the whole

This year Canada will celebrate 150 years.
Sail into Canada’s History and learn
of Canada’s Past, Present and Future.

“Together, We stand on Guard for Thee!”

I see Little Lion aka Tippy is back
from his cold adventure walk.


Smurf is begging for a speedy lift as
Tippy’s pals are yearning to play
“tug of war.”

Have a great weekend and if you and
your family are fond of Lego building,
you may love the Lego brick idea:

“The complete House of Canada’s
Anne of Green Gables”

the “Brick Barn” is trying to get
voted in.

See you next week 🙂
Have a great weekend!

With thanks to the makers and performers
of the LMS Musical Theater,
enjoy Little Lion’s choice.

I did! 🙂

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