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It Is In Nature We Heal…

Posted by on April 28, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hello Everyone!

Little Lion was puzzled this week.
He wanted to know what happened to
the beloved Golden Doodle-Poodle of
Ms. Pope in Florida.

Together we searched for the sweet canine.

What did we find out?

We heard the following whispered story
from the First animal ghosts of the past:

“The White house which has seen many
First Pets throughout history, seems to be
destined to be without First Pets during
President Trump’s term.

As everyone knows “ghosts” in every shape
always hide in old buildings.
We, the First White House Ghost Pets are in shock
after Ms. Pope tried unsuccessfully to have
a sweet golden doodle-poodle
become the First Pet of the present First Family.”

Patton and Ms. Pope love each other very much.

Thus, they are both happy to stay united.

“A 150 year White House First Pets tradition
has gone down the drain…”
sighed Little Lion.

There has to be a “first” for everything, I reminded him.
Think positive Little Lion!

May be there is a sweet First Christmas Mouse
hiding in the walls of the White House.

The little rascal just looked at me
and walked away.
He did cheer up a bit when I showed
him this Dutch golden royal coach photo

and told him, think about this…

Spring is in full bloom in Europe.

England has another newborn prince.
Her Majesty the Queen enjoyed a lovely birthday.
A few more weeks and another fairy tale
wedding is in the British air.

Guess what…

Two of our Dutch family fans
are celebrating a birthday party early May,
therefore we clap and joyfully say:

Dear Friends “Marian and Piet” in The Netherlands
Hip Hip Hurrah
Have a Beautiful Birthday!

May you, too, feel like royalty this
weekend as the Dutch wherever they reside
celebrate King William Alexander’s 50th birthday!

The latter cheered him up.
It’s not difficult to guess why Little Lion
feels the Dutch King is “TOPS” and deserves
the “Best Birthday Ever!”

The Dutch Royal Family L O V E S Canines!

 The happy news that Jessica,
the lovely grand-daughter of a lady friend,
Little Lion is very fond of, is celebrating her
First Holy Communion,
made Little Lion’s eyes sparkle.
Soon the little guy was his happy self again.

We wish Jessica and the entire family a wonderful day!

At our place the early tulips are trying
very hard to come into bloom, however,
the Cherry Blossom will be the first now
“the King and Queen Winter” decided to retire
and make place for the “Sakura” to blossom.

Enjoy the English version of the
flower parade 2018
in the Dutch Bulb Region on:

It will make you smile!

With thanks to the makers, enjoy also
a Canadian Storybook By The Sea.

Heartfelt thanks, too,
to our Dutch families for the 2018 pictures of this
year’s gorgeous Dutch Flower Parade and the super link.

As always, it brought joy.
Something we urgently needed after the
tragic happening in Toronto, Ontario, last weekend.
Since the world knows the tragic story
we will not go into detail.

“May They Who Lost Their Lives Rest in Peace
and know the World Prays and Cares for Them.”

May the victims who still suffer today
have a speedy and fully recovery.

Our Sincerest and Deepest Sympathy
to all who lost a loved one,
a friend, neighbour or colleague.

To All in Toronto and the GTA:

Stay Strong and Stay United!

Reach out to Nature.
Nature’s stillness, beauty and resilience,
 strengthens and heals the heart and soul.
*Gypsy Joy*

Hate destroys.  Love concurs.

With thanks to my Dutch Family for the
many lovely Flower Parade Photos
As well heartfelt thanks to the Makers, the Builders
and Owner of the amazing Storybook Cottage.

Enjoy and take care!

Little Lion’s tail waves us bye-bye.

Soon he will be leaving for a walk. 🙂

Who knows…
Next time he may have a brilliant adventure to tell!




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