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Just Swinging By…

Posted by on July 28, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy”

Hullo Family, Fans and Friends!

Hot days are still here, so we are going
to swing and stay
only for a little while today.
We are taking it very easy.

We did have rain during the night and again
earlier today. It smells fresh outside.

The streets are drying up.
Soon all will look as dry as before.

Mistress Mommy and I are looking forward
to another walk and I am very curious
to see if I can still track down the
tracks others before us have left for me
to discover.
That’s the pleasure of every walk for me.

I check out every tree I see
and there are plenty trees around.
Some trees and shrubs make a sound.
I know song birds and squirrels are
 hiding there.

When I’m passing by, I give them a warning.
This does not please “Mommy” but the critters
need to be told ’cause they can be very bold.

Anyway, it’s time for us to go as it
may start pouring “cats and dogs” again.
Yeah, don’t ask me…
I don’t know why the locals call it so.

“Mommy” is grinning and singing she must
be thinking its funny, too.

Here we go!

With thanks to the makers,

have fun watching “Draconia” a sweet
dragon here below made by my talented Dutch Auntie
in The Netherlands.

“Go-Go Sculptor we like to see a Draconia Family!”

“Mistress Mommy” says:

“Heartfelt thanks for the beautiful dragon photo sculptor sis!” 

As well,  enjoy the craft of another
very talented Dragon artist! 🙂

Anyone else into dragons send me a message!



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