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Kaleidoscopic Fun…

Posted by on September 30, 2016

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends,

Not much to see or bark at today.
I have put my garden hound on the LOOK-OUT.


He likes to be on guard and keeping
trespassers at a minimum and to tell
about his encounters to his garden friends,
when we switch on the fancy blue
patio lights at night.

We all have things in life we like to do.


The Lad upstairs loves to travel and
likes pets, domestic and wild animals.

He loves being photographed with 
 “woofies” in a foreign country.

It seems he also loves to give me a bath.


It’s that he walks me on the Flexi leash
otherwise I would be tempted to soak
the lad in my dirty soapy bath water.

The young mistress is fond of taking
photographs and taking her labrador
on walks to a park, a forest or swimming.
That’s my kind of girl!

Meet and Greet,


Empress Zoe Labrador!

Their Dutch Aunt enjoys painting pictures,
creating sculptures and so on.

Mistress Mommy told me:

Late this summer and Autumn
kaleidoscopic breezy colours are
brightening the camping art-studio spot.


With help of Aunt Greet’s gardening beau,
the camp owner and his assistant, her
panda stone sculptured table has been
transformed into a patio walk of fame. :)

Among an old fashioned baby cradle
cheerfully holding two plants, are last year’s
pole sculptures shining between the
sunny hues of the newly painted patio set
and the kaleidoscopic hues of the
spray painted camp lantern.


When I saw the panda walk and patio set
I did a footie dance
and played a musical note.
We all were blown away by its hues.

I agree with Mistress Mommy who says:
“The two compliment each other
beautifully in their artistic endeavours.”

Mommy-Muse loves gardening even
when its raining. Her motto:

Gardens are not made by sitting
in the sun or shade.
*Gypsy Joy*

She also loves musicals
and Andre Rieu & his Orchestra.

As well she likes designing and making
holiday gifts for giftgiving and to
decorate the house and the garden.



 The boys and I say on Halloween Eve:
“He-He-He smell my feet
and give me something good to eat!”

I collect toys in all shapes and sizes.
I like the squeezy ones the best and
I like shiny things like this blue mirror
with a happy face lying on a beach.

Looking at it made me so happy that I
played a song on my squeezy Dachshund.

The Dachshund is playful & a good hunter…
He-He-He, just like me!


American Writer E.B. White, who also
wrote stories for children in his lifetime,
was the proud owner of a Dachshund
named Minnie.

Mommy and I just watched a brave, energetic,
Australian young lad & his Zoo friends.
We trust you will like it, too.

If you have a fancy Halloween,
St. Nicholas, Christmas or New Year’s
idea, don’t be shy, share it!


Tune in again next Saturday friends.
Remember to SHARE your holiday
and your crafty ideas.
It will be so-o-o much fun for everyone.

Panda and Lantern photo courtesy:
Camp Art Studio Greet,
The Netherlands.

Two animations courtesy:

All others as usual by the Blog Muse :)

With thanks to the makers, enjoy:

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