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March Break Fun…

Posted by on March 11, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*



 Hullo Everyone,

The Lad Upstairs and I enjoyed our walk
in the cold air. 

Spring is still in hiding.

The lad is so-o-o much fun to walk with.
“Mistress Mommy” always has me sit by
the curb when we have to cross the streets.
The lad just let’s me cross all by myself.
Being on the Flexi leash gives me freedom!

Anyhoo, my word for “anyhow”.  🙂
I stole that expression from the
young mistress.  She is fun!
It’s a pity she does not have a car
of her own these days.
I think she should have a “croc” car,
like this one.


Don’t you think that would be cool?

Since I am not “Puss in Boots”
I came up with the idea,
“Go, fund me”
I have heard so much about.

What do you think happened?


My humans stared at me.
They shook their heads
and mumbled over and over,
“where did he get that idea?”
I answered with a few friendly grrr’s
and some nasty snarls, to let my
humans know I was serious.
Why shun a brilliant idea such as mine.
Clever felines as “Puss in Boots” you
don’t hear about these days.
In my opinion, that’s why
“Go, fund me” was invented.

The “Young Mistress” youngest feline
Arduinna agrees with me.


shamrocks_1 She is pretty clever, that’s why she hides
most of the time somewhere in the house.
She is afraid that someone may discover,
that she is related to her ancestor
“Puss in Boots” & “The Cat in the Hat”.
Keep Arduinna’s secret safe!
Promise me!!!
Someone may kidnap her if you tell.
‘Cause every lad would like to be a
Marquis and live in a castle.

Excuse me,
I have to check up at the LOOK-OUT.
“Mommy” can you come to the blog stage?

“Sure Little Lion dash away!”

Good Day Fans and Friends,
“Little Lion” holds everyone in his grip! 🙂



It’s still well below zero in Ontario.
In British Columbia it’s Spring.
All the gardens are in bloom.
Each year they have a
Greater Victoria Flower Count.
In 2016 the flower count was 25 billion.
Imagine that!


Their Spring Prelude
at the Butchards Gardens starts on
January 15th when the rest of Canada
is covered with snow and the gardens
and many animals are hibernating.

But an Irish feast is on its way its soon
St. Paddy’s Day!


The master of this page is back!
He has a few fun surprises for you
and I have one for you & Little Lion.


Click on the story video
“I, Crocodile”, on the website:

A fantastic crocodile story
and illustrations for young and old
by the artist-writer Fred Marcellino.

Enjoy and take care.
Have a fun weekend.
we will chat again next Saturday! 🙂


 Hi folks did you miss me?

The Blog Muse told me not to forget
to tell every Ontario fan to set the
clocks 1 hour ahead
before you jump in bed on the evening
of Saturday March 11, 2017.


Daytime Savings Time in most of Canada
starts March 12, 2017 at 2:00 AM
when the clocks are put ahead 1 hour.

There is a lot to do during March Break
starting March 13th in Ontario.
In many places you can go to a
Maple Syrup Farm,
buy Maple Kisses, Maple Cookies and
Maple Syrup. Delicious on ice cream!
Visit a science centre or have fun at a
butterfly conservatory.
Or read a sappy snappy Maple story.

What about a visit to the cool
Upside Down House?
It may make you dizzy but its awesome!
Children and cool pets like to stay there forever.
(Scroll down to the end of this blog.)

Last but not least I am wishing my
Irish “Faery Godmother in Florida”


“Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours
On your blue bubble birthday
March 14th and on St. Patrick’s Day!”

Don’t forget St. Paddy’s fun folks…
March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day
or “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” day.’s_Day

For this fun fest,
Montreal and Ottawa are the best.

Grrr… Grrr… Grrr…
I forgot to take a snappy
leprechaun snapshot!

Grin-Grin… A cool animation!


That’s all for today… have a fun weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Sincere thanks to the “Young Mistress”
for feline Arduinna’s snapshot.
All other photos by the
“Blog Muse” and the snapping photographer


(that’s me he-he-he).

Hey, it’s snowing again!

I “wanna” go for a stroll in the snow! 🙂


Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.


Keep in touch and enjoy,

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