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Morning Frost an April Gem…

Posted by on April 13, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hi Everyone!

Hope the sun shines at your place, too.

This morning the singing cardinal woke up
at our frosty place with a big grin.
He knew the sun would come through and
transform the frost into glittering gems.
Soon the world sparkled around us.

Satisfied he flew on to look for other
adventures and to meet new  friends.

“Mommy” aka the Blog Muse and Gypsy Joy

loves to be woken up by a bird’s song.

Grrr… I like to sleep a bit longer!

 We had a nice little birthday party
for the Lad Upstairs.
Although he is not into in-house parties,
we did have fun on his birthday.

We celebrated with his favorite chocolate
birthday cake and watched an “Endeavor”
and Miss Marple movie together.

Do your owners know there is a UK detectionclub?

We blew out the little candle on our
piece of birthday cake and made a wish.
Can’t tell you what we wished for because
birthday wishes are secret wishes.

I can give you a hint if you like toys.
But, it must be our secret!

Secret Clue…
I’m fond of Curious George!

Mommy says, I am a Curious George.
He-He-He, she can be so-o-o funny!

Last week it was “groomer-time” for me.
I don’t like to have my furry coat being
clipped and see my furry hair falling
onto the grooming salon’s floor.
It makes me grouchy and makes my hair
stand-up when I hear them say,
my furry curls are matted hair.
As if everyone’s furry coat should be straight.

It seems to me, that groomers don’t
like thick curly furry double coats.
I’m a Shi Poo!

In other words…
my heritage is not only Shih Tzu.

For a day or so I felt frustrated, however,
the lady groomer was kind and
told Mommy she had given me my own file.
I was proud to hear that, but I was
very glad to see our friendly neighbour
come inside the salon to pick us up.

As soon as the Noble Knight got hold
of my leash, I pulled him quickly
out of the grooming salon.

I have a dubble curly furry coat.
I may well be related to a French Poodle,
a retriever and a Newfoundland waterdog.
Come to think of it,
Poodles are actually native to Germany.

Mommy and her family and friends
love my curly dubble coat and so do I.
That is the only thing that really matters,
and the fact that my dubble furry coat
keeps me cozy during the winter.

The groomer lady had not clipped
my lion tail and my mustache and beard.
When the Lad discovered that, he nicknamed me
“Mustachio” and that made me grin.
The Lad is so funny, he keeps me in stitches.
(Meaning: laughing a lot!)

Well guys, Mommy is busy with her garden chores.
So she likes your “Daddy and Mommy” to know
when the garden chores overwhelm them
to ask St. Fiacre of Breuil
for some courage to keep going.
He is the Patron Saint of gardeners.

I discovered something “fiacre” funny!

Fiacre is a small horse-drawn carriage
aka hackney coach.

When Mommy visited Quebec and Ottawa she
took photos of a fiacre and a rickshaw.

Neat, eh!

I would like to run along with her.

More about rickshaws on:

Mommy is so glad we live in this age
of technology. She says we learn each day
more than we knew the day before.
We can keep in touch by telephone,
e-mails, blogs, websites. and enjoy TV & videos.
Not to forget,
little lion’s barking warnings.
He is our “Town Crier!”

It seems my town crier growls
are loud and fierce and terrific in
keeping invaders at a distance.
Hey… Mommy…
I have the “Red Coat” to prove it!

“Indeed, you do, little grinning Rinty!” 🙂

Grin Rinty, famous as Rin-Tin-Tin
and doted upon by Mommy’s parents.

We are heading for a stormy icy weekend…

It’s getting dark  and icy out there!


That’s all for this week,
 see you again next time.

Keep smiling and
take joy in all you do and see!

With thanks to the makers, enjoy:

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