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Once Upon A Time…

Posted by on May 20, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Everyone, Young and Old!

T.V. watching for hours can be fun at times.

You may not believe this, but Little Lion and I got up
before 4:00 AM on this Saturday
the 19th of May, 2018,
after having enjoyed only a few hours rest,
we watched England’s Royal Wedding
of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.
As per today known as the
Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

I am so glad I did. I felt wide awake
and had a marvellous time watching.

What a fabulous wedding it was!
Windsor was full with happy people waiting
to catch a glimpse of the sparkling event.
Adults and children alike seemed to be
full of joy and Mother Nature was on
her sunniest behaviour in Windsor, England.

We in Ontario, Canada, had a rainy day.
I gues the sun needed all her strength
to shine her brightest for this very
special wedding occasion in England.

For 6 hours I sat glued to my chair
and watched the beautiful bride and groom,
their entourage and especially the joyful children.

It was a great pleasure too, to watch
Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Phillip
and the entire royal family.
As well Ms. Meghan Markle’s Mom.
Both Meghan and her Mom are remarkable ladies.

I have great respect for anyone who is in
the eye and scrutiny of the public.

It’s not an easy task.

Heartfelt Congratulations to the
bride and groom,
the new Duke and Duchess and to all
in England’s Royal House,
and the new Duchess parents and family.
My admiration to all who attended the wedding
and to all involved who made it such a
lovely occasion for us mere mortals to view
this wonderful occasion in our own surroundings.

I feel thankful for today’s technology.
In the past I could not have felt part
of this amazing festivity.
Nor have watched the happy couple, the open carriage tour.
The beautiful galloping horses and the
skilled Cavalry which took my breath away.

The fast pace of the horses made me worry
about the safety of the lovely royal couple.

No fairy nearby to help.

The newly weds seemed to be enjoying
the fast ride as they waved and smiled
at everyone waiting along the lengthy road.

Was I the only one  who seemed concerned???

The music and church service was beautiful
and stimulating.

The children were adorable and on their
best behaviour and also seemed to have a
lot of fun waving at everyone on the road
to the Church.

The fascinators, beautiful hats and
designer clothing was a feast for the eye.

Needless to say the Bride and Groom
shined as they were without a doubt
the happiest and most radiant of all.

On a personal note,

I never thought, that I would be able
to watch a T.V. channel
for such a long stretch of time.

However, with Little Lion being such
a good pet, I guess he kept me fully awake.
As well it must have been the lovely wedding,
the invited guests, interesting T.V. hostages,
and camera-gents and ladies who kept me
glued to the T.V. so early in the morning.

For more about the lovely newly wedded
royal couple visit:

where you also will find a few wonderful photos.

I’m thrilled! Just spotted the Yahoo photo link. Enjoy!

With hearttfelt thanks

to the Makers, Hostages, Yahoo & Channel 212 (Bell T.V.)
for my hours of England`s royal wedding fun today.

Bye-Bye till next time!
Little Lion and I hope that you may enjoy:



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