Furry Creatures, Whisperers and Pied Pipers…

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Little Lion and I watched yesterday morning,

on C.T.V (Bell Channel 212),

the fascinating story of
“The Raccoon Whisperer” aka

James Blackwood of Nova Scotia.

After the passing of his loving spouse,
James Blackwood
took over the task of feeding the raccoons
living in a forest nearby,
which his loving spouse had done before,
and became known by the town folks as

“The Raccoon Whisperer.”

The latter touched my heart as I am
always very impressed by the way our children

and their Father bonded
with the creatures in the wild, as well
as with our furry companions.

The story of the Nova Scotia Piper reminds me of
pleasant vacations and evenings at lakes
and nearby forests with daily visits from sweet
chipmunks and evening visits from raccoons.

The nights and days were highlighted
with feedings for these creatures
by their beloved Father, who introduced
our children and me to the furry bright-eyed
day and night time visitors,
climbing the porch and scouring for food.

As well how their Father entertained us
by enticing the chipmunks by having
them eat peanuts from his shirt pockets.

It was as entertaining as a Walt Disney movie.

The raccoons delicate front feet are like
human hands with long fingernails, which
makes it ideal for turning a door nob,
whipping the cover off a garbage can
or merely pushing the garbage can over
to get to the food they are smelling.
Thereby, leaving a mess on garbage day
which no garbage collector will pick up
till the next collection day, when all
can be properly disposed off.

It is for the above reason that city raccoons
are not as joyfully greeted
as the raccoons in cottage country.

However, there are exceptions made
by many a city dweller, if “Mommy” raccoon
has taken up residence in their attic.
Or outside in a shed in the backyard,
especially if one finds babies in the
makeshift nest in the attic of their home,
in a shed in the backyard, or like

this raccoon cooling off on a hot summer day.

The Toronto article below teaches us
how to Wildlife proof our homes, lawns
and gardens in Canada.
As well as how to trap our wildlife,
and clean up after them.


At our homestead at times a raccoon
may make its nest in our large spruce tree.
Or rest awhile on a branch in our pear trees.

(A pretty Skunk!)

Little lion is not fond of raccoons,
skunks, squirrels or feline invaders. Even birds
 he likes to chase. As well a rabbit, that we saw
hopping around on one of our walks.

Where the bunny came from is a guess,
and where does it make his/her home?

Perhaps in a nearby park or large vegetable garden.

Our little boisterous furry darling
feels, its his duty to defend his homestead
and surroundings.

However, he is never running around
all by himself, he is too boisterous.

One bite from his big fellow canines and
Little Lion
could end up with the same fate as in the

Bible story of

Picture of Jonah’s book for sale at Amazon.ca

Before Little Lion and I take a walk
we like to express on behalf of

All of Us at Gypsy Joy:

Best wishes for a Happy 2019 from:

Empress Zoe Labrador, furry companion of
the “Young Mistress” who brought Little Lion
to our home in 2013;

and the the “Young Mistress” three felines

Arduinna, Black Cat and Hope

as well, The Lad Upstairs, and

Little Lion aka Bright Eyes, playing
hide-and-seek in the snow,

and I,

in festive disguise

aka “Mistress Mommy”, “Blog Muse” and

usually in disguise as “Gypsy Joy” on this blog as

I am fond of wandering, (but not on bare feet),

extend our best wishes to everyone for a

Very Happy 2019!

May you All have a good and safe New Year
with or without a feisty or a sweet
furry companion at your feet.

We will meet again mid January when
we shall be celebrating a few birthdays.

To all who have a birthday before:

May you Have the Best Birthday Ever!

Till we meet again, enjoy the Ice Queen,
the King of Winter and Frosty the Snowman.

To our Fans, Family and Friends who live
or vacation in the Lands of the Sun
start a new tradition and BUILD
a Snowman of Tires!

We bet it will become THE Talk of the Town :)

Enjoy the Video published by
Nova Scotia’s
James Blackwood
“The Pied Piper of Churchville.”

Referred to in a comment on You Tube as

“The long lost Brother of The Piper of Hamelin”.

Enjoy New Year 2019 with Nova Scotia’s
Raccoon Whisperer and Piper.


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