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Snowflakes are Falling…

Posted by on December 19, 2016

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends!

Welcome to Snow and Snowflakes flying by 🙂

Before I forget…
Sorry for the Saturday blog delay!
The photos of my new stuff
from the groomer have to wait, too.


Last Friday night the young mistress
and her five pets, were stranded due
to heavy snow and accidents on the Highway.

They arrived at our destination on Saturday,
14 hours after their departure.
Ten hours later as expected.

We were so-o-o worried
And so was the young mistress!

It was and is an eerie snowy world out there!
I guess it was fun for the Snow Queen
and the Ice King and the Snowflakes.


Empress Zoe Labrador is great fun!
Together we run through the house.
Up and down the stairs till our “Mommies”
and the “Lad” get exhausted and call us
to stop, else they will report us to
Santa’s Elves
and we will get “coal” on Christmas Day.
Meaning: NO Christmas presents!


We enjoy an early Christmas gathering
as the young mistress and her
cannot stay till Christmas this year.

It’s early Monday morning.
No trespassers crossing early today.

O no! What’s that noise!!!
I have to check on the “whining” Empress!


“Mommy, Zoe needs food and water!
Our food and water bowls are empty.”

Chance my “big canine Christmas playmate”
is reading the Elf letters.

The Elf letters are on blog page 27
just scroll down and enjoy.


That’s all for now friends!

The felines are meowing


 and the Lad is waiting to take me out!

See you on Christmas Eve!


 Out and Over! 🙂
Here comes…”Mommy” the Blog Muse!

Brrr..  it’s cold outside.
Take care, everyone!


Christmas Season Fun
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends Young and Old…

There they go in a row
Little Lion and the Lad
trotting through the snow
barking and singing, Ho Ho Ho!

They just may meet an “Elf on the Shelf.”

Each year around Christmas,
the Elf on the Shelf,
hides behind a Snowman,
in every Canadian neighbourhood.


If you see one and you catch one,
you may take him home.

If you never before have heard of
the Elf on the Shelf,
you may like to check:

The Elves are fun for young and old.

I just heard about the travelling
Nova Scotia Elf
“Bruce in the Spruce.”

My kind of traveller. 🙂

If you like to do crafts it’s fun
to make a nifty nook for your Elf.


Clothespin crafts are fun, too.
A few years ago I made a few creations.
It was fun to design and make them.
They are great for any occasion.

Martha Stewart’s website features
a “Holiday Clothespin Doll Ornaments”
project, plus a short video.

That’s all for this Saturday folks!
Tune in next week. Have a great weekend
and keep well!

A “thank you” to the designers
for the free animations.

Photos as always by “yours truly”.

With thanks to the makers,
enjoy a special “Murdoch” preview.

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