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Splash in the Pool to keep Cool…

Posted by on May 26, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hi Everyone!

In Spring kids like to run…

Also everyone loves at any age,
a cool pool birthday party.

We got very involved reading all
there was to find out how today’s 50 +
deal with their birthdays.

Why, you may ask?

Well, because a friend told Little Lion
that since he is going to be 7 years old
on the 30th of October he will be just
one year short of being fifty in human years.

The following stories are fun to read.

However, it may take you days and days
to read all of it.
So take it slow else you may become grey
without knowing it.

Now we feel so young again let’s see what
Little Lion has come up with
to be enjoyed by young and old.

Woofie me goes for Elton Jones Crocodile Rock
’cause Suzie Q is in it…
He-he-he Ha-ha-ha!

Very Important…

It’s one of our family angels birthdays.

Our eldest son in the family
celebrates his birthday way up in the sky
with his Dad and other beloved departed.

We like you to know dear Henry:
The feathery tiny forest tree you and “Mommy”
transplanted in the garden grew up

For many years it was admired by friends
and neighbours alike but the icestorm
destroyed it some years ago.
“Mommy” kept part of the trunk as a reminder
and placed a round planter on the trunk.
Often a cardinal sings nearby.

Although it makes “Mommy’s” eyes cry
she likes nature runners to know that
she is sure Henry would have loved to lead and
run as a volunteer for Canada’s Kids Run for Nature.
Here is the site to sign up to run
and have fun!

If you like a TV screen shown on your TV
when you are not watching a show,
the “Blogmuse” and I recommend the
Bell Fish Tank TV Screen Image.

It’s so cool to look at the fish swimming
and the coral swaying back and fro.

The other day we thought we heard a cricket sing.

And that reminded us of all ladies and gents
who love playing cricket.

Talking about crickets…
Disney’s Jiminy Cricket comes to mind.
We used to have a small “Jiminy Cricket” toy
which “Mommy” displayed in the garden.
One stormy day the little toy went missing.
We miss that little Jiminy.

If you ever find our blue Jimini resting
in your garden give us a shout.

Well folks that’s all for this weekend.
Have a very pleasant time. See you next time!
We are going to take it slow today.
It’s a very hot day in Ontario:
29 degrees C.
So, rock in the pool to keep cool!

Lick on a tall frozen lollypop
or get yourself a very big bowl
of freezing cold ice cream!

Yummy for the tummy!

With thanks to the makers enjoy the famous Sir Elton John!

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