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Take Joy at Easter and Every Other Day…

Posted by on March 31, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Hello Folks, Young and Old.
How are you?

Are you having a happy and dry Easter hunt?

We wish you a Happy Easter, Happy Fools Day
and Happy Birthday to all who will be
a year older and wiser on April 1st!
Promise us not to play a prank on
the birthday celebrant(s).

In our circle of friends:

Happy Birthday to Lady Lydia and
Lady Joan!
May you have the best birthday ever!

It was raining “Cats and Dogs” the other day.
Today, it’s also raining on the Easter Egg hunt.
Egg hunters will get soaking wet.
“Take Joy”
even on a rainy day.

What does “Take Joy” mean?

“Take Joy” is an expression of adding
daily joy in all you do and meet each
and every day to make life shine for
you and everyone else you may have the
joy to meet or be in touch with.

The late author and famous illustrator
Tasha Tudor
enjoyed telling and applying these two words
to the whole wide world to make mankind
a better place for all.

Tasha also loved Corgis and so does
Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II
of the United Kingdom and seven independent
common wealth countries, including Canada.

Learn more of Queen Elizabth II who years ago
 was once referred to as Europe’s “Fairy Queen”
because of her beautiful appearance
at her coronation on June 2, 1953.
For more “Mommy” aka as Gypsy Joy and
the Blog Muse, refers you to:

Woofing about myself, I’m very much
interested in the Corgis residing at
Buckingham Palace.

 Imagine dashing around up and down through
a beautiful palace and most likely
the largest green area in all of England,
and your “Mommy” happens to be the world’s
longest reigning Queen Regnant
and female Head of State.
As well the oldest and longest reigning
current Monarch around te Globe.
And as “Icing on the Royal Cake”,
the oldest and longest serving
Head of State!

Woofie-Woofie me, I have to rest after this.

Too much for little woofie-me!
Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

Folks “Mommy” is joining us soon, I gotta go!
Just tell her that I love her without
a palace of her own.
You know why, because I’m the only pet here!
He-He-He “Mommy” does not even collect
huge animal toys like the “Young Mistress”,

and my “Auntie” who has a huge
St. Bernhards dog plush toy in her attic!

I just remember the month and year the
“Young Mistress” brought me to
and I whispered a poem in “Mommy’s” ears:

June Rain…

Rain… rain go away
Come again another day
I have just arrived
And strive
To impress
My new mistress.

Come on sunshine I pray
Send the rain away
I don’t like to pout
I like to go out
and explore
June rain is a bit of a bore.
*Little Lion*

This rhyme was first placed on Facebook
on GypsyJoyStoryville.
We are not on Facebook anymore, because
we are busy doing other things.
Thanks to the “Lad Upstairs”
I got a blog with “Mommy” aka Gypsy Joy.
Today I checked on my
 June rhyme.
It is still on facebook waiting for more. 🙂

Time to dash away and visit
the “Lad Upstairs.”
I hear a bit of noise coming from there
It may be the Easter Bunny!

Have a lot of Easter Fun! Here comes…

“Mommy” aka Gypsy Joy!

Hi everyone, I see the little rascal
told you everything there is to be told
on this Happy Easter feast including
about the famous Illustrator Tasha Tudor.
 Two links remain for me to pass on: 
the Tudor`s enchanting family link and
the “Hitty Place”. 🙂

As well as Tasha’s cookbook and her Corgis.
Unfortunately this cookbook is sold out.
However, here is a “hint” just in time
for festive days with Tea Time Stories:

For a lovely Easter surprise check
tea-time stories #323
“the making of a cookbook” by Tasha’s son Seth.

The above complete this
Easter’s happy wagging tail stories.
However, Easter joy would not be complete
without a famous bear story.

 So here comes… Mr. Paddington,
the most famous bear on the Globe.
Little Lion will be so happy to watch
the trailer; he loves bears!

 With thanks to the makers, enjoy, the two cooks
delicious Paddington Easter treat canine recipe!

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