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The Story of Dad’s Dutch Bronze Cross…

Posted by on November 21, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Dad, Uncle and Grandpa who loved dogs and horses.


Winter has arrived and with it many memories come to mind.

As many know, thinking back of WWI and WWII
is for many survivors heartbreaking.

Although our thoughts tend to travel
back in time often,
the love we lost and fond memories
of times long past,
never fade from our heart and mind.

Happiness and sorrow in one’s life are
deeply engraved in one’s heart and mind.

Photo courtesy of Anette, The Netherlands.

This year a loving and caring paternal cousin and niece
 Erica, daughter of brother Bert and sister-in-law Annette
spent many hours
to reach their goal to honour our beloved
Dad, Brother, Brother-in-law, Grandfather,
Uncle, Cousin and Friend
for his heroic deeds.

In Canada we were a bit of help in relaying
all we knew as a young child.

In The Netherlands our youngest sister  played with cousin Hans
and other Dutch relatives and friends, a higher role.
Their goal: to honour our beloved Dad with the Bronze Cross.

We are certain our loving Mom, sis Els,
brother Frans, sons-in-law Tom and Stan,  and our
eldest son Henry Julian, as well many other
departed relatives and friends, are smilingly
looking down on us earthlings.

Thanks to cousin Hans and everyone who
worked so very hard in gathering the necessary info
Their persistence to honour our Dad, became reality.

We here in Canada cannot thank them enough.

Therefore, extra thanks goes out to cousin Hans, the son
of our beloved Dad’s youngest brother Tonnie.
May Uncle Tonnie and his beloved spouse
Aunt Ria Rest in Peace
and smile lovingly from Heaven.

As well as Cousin Nelly the daughter of our Mom’s
(departed) brother Bart and his departed spouse
Netje, who both carry a warm place in our hearts as they
have always been extremely kind to our  lovely Mom.

It was Aunt Netje who helped our sweet Mom,
loving Oma of our children, to sell her handmade
kitchen witches so she could afford to surprise her little
grandchildren in Canada with a visit from their Dutch Grandma.

We baptized the witch “Witchika”. She is in the limelight each Halloween.

Last but not least we heartily thank every family member
and friend who encouraged our lovely, always smiling
youngest sister,”Greet” (Greta) in The Netherlands.

They stood by her during the ceremony when she received the
Dutch Bronze Cross in honour of our Dad.

Further,  we also are very grateful for Greet’s many visits to Canada.

As well for niece Anita’s, Aunt Koosje and her family’s visits in the past.

May Aunt Koosje Rest in Peace and smile as much or even more as when she was on earth.

Last but not least we wish to express our gratitude to Anja (daughter of sis Els and Tom)
who had the beautiful thought to thank cousin Hans and his lovely spouse Marjan with
a beautiful bouquet for all his effort and the family reunion at their place.

Dear Dad, Uncle and Opa (Grandfather) you have been and still are
always in our hearts and minds.

It could not have been otherwise. Your photo was proudly displayed
in the Dutch homestead with a vase of flowers on the cocktail table.
It reminded us of all the flowers you showered our Mom with
on each – Wednesday and Saturday – market day.

Keep twinkling at us with Mom and our other beloved from Heaven, Dad!

As you and Mom had two sons and three daughters,
we hope the show below will bring a smile to all.

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