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Wonders of the World…

Posted by on April 8, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Welcome Everyone!

While Little Lion is out for his walk
I like to share a bit of nature joy
and a few quotes.

He that plants trees loves others beside himself.
~Thomas Fuller~


This week I feasted my eyes on
Cornwall’s “Eden”,
Canada’s Rainforest,
Haida Art and beautiful roses dedicated
to the painting art of Canadian artists.

I may never visit “Eden” in person but I will
not soon forget the immense beauty of
Cornwall’s Garden of Eden in the UK.

Or British Columbia’s Magical
Rainforest Coast
where trees live more than 1,000 years.

Considered to be the largest intact
temperate forest in the world.

In the Raven’s Call I learned about
the artist Bill Reid and his Haida
and American Scottish ancestry.
As well as the artist’s identity and
why his ashes were scattered
and interred, in 1998,in his maternal
grandmother’s village of Tanu.

One of the famous Canadian Artists
in The Group of Seven,
Emily Carr (1871- 1945)
depicted in her paintings the Haida People
and the Rainforest Coast.

Enjoy the paintings:

Joy is like a lovely rose.
How long it lasts nobody knows.
*Gypsy Joy*


In 2012 A Canadian Rose was named for
Bill Reid.
In honour of his many paintings and
other attributes to bring
The First Nations
and other Peoples closer together.

Beauty gets the attention and
personality captures the heart.
~Author Unknown~

I hear little feet running to the blog stage…

Have an enjoyable weekend.
See you again on Easter Saturday!

Here comes…


Little Lion!

Hallooa Gals, Guys and Lovely Elders,

Yesterday when I woke up we had another
snowy landscape day but by the end of
the day the “christmassy” scene had
melted away.
Today is a sunny day!

I’m back from a run with the Lad!


He-He-He it was fun,
I met a little rabbit!

As soon as he saw me he leaped away.
The Lad had to laugh so-o-o much,
he almost let go of the Flexi leash.
It stunt me for a moment, else the
chase would have been on between me
and that fast hopping-away little rabbit.


They are fast but I run fast, too.

You all know Empress Zoe. There are
“Tall Tales” and photos of Zoe on the blog.
Here is a “Zoe Labrador quote”, just like me
she enjoys pirate stories.


“Sometimes I imagine I am the famous pirate princess Alfhild.
I own a fleet of viking ships and sail the seas.”
~Empress Zoe, Labrador~


Zoe likes you to meet her friend Coco.


Coco is a female German Shepherd.
Sometimes they go on hikes together.

Guess what?
I have a funny word riddle for you.

Do you know what cuniculophobia means?

Its from the latin word cuniculus.
The answer is at the end of this page.

Don’t peek now!

“Mistress Mommy” told me about it  last
Thursday, on the day of the Lad’s birthday.
That was a fun day, too.
As a joke I suggested we go gator riding.


 “Mistress Mommy” almost choked laughing
and spilled the sugar.

Earlier, “Mistress Mommy” and I searched
for a unique Easter Egg Pattern link:

and “How to learn Pysanky”.
An egg-painting art skill from
several countries in Eastern Europe.

If you are going to decorate easter eggs
send me a picture.

That’s all for today!

Here is the answer to the word riddle:

“someone who is afraid of rabbits.”
Grrr… Grrr… Neat, eh!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers, and

to the “Young Mistress” for Coco’s photo.

All other photos as usual by the “Blog Muse.”

Enjoy the weekend!
See you next Saturday!
Perhaps we meet on NSD Easter Egg Hunt. 🙂

Have fun watching how to paint
a Polish Easter Egg.

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