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Happy, Lucky, Prosperous 2017…

Posted by on January 1, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*


Hullo Friends!

First at all I wish everyone in the
whole wide world
on behalf of myself, my playmates,
The Blog Muse, aka Gypsy Joy and
“Mistress Mommy”,
The Lad Upstairs,
The young mistress and
her 4 felines and not to forget


Empress Zoe Labrador

a very
Happy, Lucky and Prosperous New Year!


I also wish Martin in the UK a
very special New Year!


I enjoyed till deep in the wintry night
the amazing New Year Eve  celebrations
from all around the world.
There after I had a “slippery” walk
through Winter Wonderland.


“Mistress-Mommy” called it
“Skating in the New Year!”

Hmmm… Santa did not bring me
winter boots or skates!

The young mistress gave me two
special presents for Christmas,
a new leather “Bow Tie Leash” and

a  h a r n e s s!!!

I LOVE it!  Lots of Freedom, guys!
It almost feels like the “Flexi Leash”.

The joke:
it`s easier to pull
“Mistress Mommy” along!

Well, I enjoy chatting with you,
but duty calls.


Even in this snowy and icy weather
the felines keep teasing me.

Enjoy the 2 movies on this History link:

(“Mistress-Mommy” did earlier today.)

You can also sign up for
history newsletters.

“The Blog Muse” wishes you all a swell
Polka Dot Pantomime Time.

A very Happy and Healthy New Year to
All who contributed throughout 2016


to the magic on this blog.

Have a great day!
See you next week!

The Lad is taking me out for a walk!



With special thanks to
the “Dog Lover” enjoy,

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