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How Endless Fun Stories Came To Be

by Q

Joy's youngest sister, Greta, was so creatively-gifted that she could make anything if she set her mind to it! One day, Greta decided that she was going to make a porcelain doll as a present for Joy. Greta worked long and hard, making special little touches here and there, and finally, one day, Dolly was finished!

Dolly was to be a secret surprise, so Greta put Dolly in her suitcase and smuggled Dolly into Canada from a far away magical land where fairy tales are made. It's a land where dwarfs live in mushroom houses in the woods; and there is so much water that people walk on lily pads, and so many flowers that even roses grow on Christmas trees! That's where Greta lives.

Dolly was a very special doll, and a joy to behold to Joy! Joy loved Dolly very much, but she had to go to work every day, and so Dolly was often left at home alone. This made Dolly a very lonely special doll.

Joy knew Dolly was lonely, but she was not quite sure what to do about it. Then one day, something very wonderful happened! While Joy was volunteering at a charity shop, where people would bring in things that needed a home, someone brought in a monkey! Monkey needed a home, and Joy just knew that Dolly would love to have Monkey as a pet! So Joy brought Monkey home.

Dolly was very excited about Monkey, and the fact that now the two of them could never be lonely again and would be together always! But...Dolly still had one more wish. She wished she could read. Dolly loved stories, and Joy often read wonderful stories - of her own creation - to Dolly, but Dolly wished she could read stories to Monkey.

Monkey couldn't read either, but Monkey was a very smart little monkey and he liked to solve problems, mysteries and riddles.

One dark night, Dolly and Monkey were sitting by the living room window watching the stars, as they enjoyed doing often, when Dolly and Monkey saw a shooting star! Dolly and Monkey started singing,

"When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires, will come to you.
If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme.
When you wish upon a star, as dreamers do.
Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you thru.
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."

Then Dolly said, "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...I wish I could READ to Monkey!" Well, that shooting star was not just any shooting star; it was a magical shooting star! All of a sudden, Dolly and Monkey were showered with stardust.

"Oh boy, oh boy!" exclaimed Dolly. She jumped down from the window and ran to the bookshelf. Just then, another shower of stardust rained on the bookshelf, and suddenly a whole new collection of storybooks appeared on the lowest shelf. "Whoo-hoo!" cried Monkey, "Those are all mystery problem-solving riddle stories!"

When Joy woke up the next morning, she wondered how the magical storybooks had appeared. "Hmmm, that's strange," she murmured to herself, "These are all my own stories that I never had time to finish." That's right! You see, this particular collection of stories had no endings.

Well! That was no problem for Monkey, because Monkey loves to solve things! So now, every day when Joy is away, busy or asleep, Dolly takes a new storybook from the bottom shelf of the bookcase and reads to Monkey. Then, it is Monkey's job to solve the ending.

Are YOU as good at solving story endings as Monkey is? Find out by reading one of Joy's fabulous Endless Fun Stories!

When Time Out is called, that's where you come in and answer the questions to solve the story ending. You can also submit YOUR own story endings by following the instructions in Submission Rules. Dolly and Monkey will pick the best endings to be published here at gypsyjoy.com!

P.S. Joy is now retired, so she has a lot more time to spend with Dolly and Monkey, but she finds herself busy with so many other things, that she has not yet found the time to finish those stories! But secretly, she knows that the Endless Fun Stories are so much more fun for Dolly and Monkey just the way they are - and she hopes you will think so too!

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